First ever Pasifika and African theatre production in New Zealand: In Transit

in transit

In Transit

“At the heart of this play is a very important slice of NZ history.” —Auckland Theatre Company Literary Unit

WHO: Tala Pasifika African Connection (Tala PAC)

WHAT: First ever Pasifika and African theatre production in New Zealand

WHEN: 4-13 May, 2017

WHERE: Mangere Arts Centre, Bader Drive and Orly Avenue, Mangere 2022

In Transit is a New Zealand/African play that gives voice to former refugees and migrants as they transition from everyday lives in their African homelands, and the unnatural and often perilous journeys across continents and oceans to their new homes and new lives in Aotearoa.

Based on true stories collected by Wanjiku Kiarie Sanderson (now archived at the National Library NZ – Oral History & Sound)

In Transit presents the real-life experiences of African people living in Aotearoa NZ with a thought provoking theme of intergenerational conflicts.

The play revolves around eight different characters of various backgrounds. The ensemble: actors, musicians and dancers are from Africa and Pasifika communities.

Importantly, the production presents a visual and vocal answer to the question, “What happens when African and Pacific cultures meet and fuse their theatre and performing arts traditions in a contemporary context?”

In Transit, written by Wanjiku Kiarie Sanderson, is as a tribute to the late NZ actor, Martyn Sanderson, and his life-long involvement with African theatre, and with the African communities. It was meant to be their next project after the successful production of Muntu in 2009, but Martyn passed away two days before Muntu opened. Wanjiku has spent the last seven years bringing In Transit to the stage.

She says, “The tradition of telling stories comes very naturally to many Africans, but what amazed me in the interviews, was the generosity and warmth of the interviewees when relating some of their most horrific, as well as humorous experiences, and I knew that all New Zealanders would appreciate their stories as I do.”

Director: Justine Simei-Barton

In Transit opens 4 May and runs through 13 May at Mangere Arts Centre.Tickets are now on sale: ENDS

CONTACT: Kubé Jones-Neill, Producer 021 0847 3590; Valeria Edwards, Media & Public Relations 021 775 652



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