Teanastëllën, jambo, As-Salaam-Alaikum,  muraho, kushe, mhoro and hello.

Welcome  to the African Communities Forum Inc. website.

ACOFI presents

Auckland Africa Day Ubuntu Festival 2018

Saturday 26 May

Roskill Youth Zone, 11am – 8pm

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Thank you to our sponsors:

Auckland Council

Lottery Grants Board

Office of Ethnic Communities


New Zealand Welfare Services Trust


The Westley Community Centre Team

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About us

Who we are

ACOFI is a New Zealand duly registered organization. The African Communities Forum Inc. envisages creating an Africa Centre that will be a place of knowledge, resources and advocacy in all areas affecting Africans in New Zealand. The Africa Centre that will cater for the general welfare of all Africans in New Zealand and facilitate the contact and liaison between Africans and the wider New Zealand Community

Our Vision

A dynamic fully integrated African Community that contributes to all sectors of New Zealand society.

Our Mission

To bring together the African communities

  • Establish an African Centre
  • Working with community leaders
  • Actively engaging with communities
  • Build strong networks among the African Community members
  • Establish a chapter of ACOFI in every city


To work with our people to realise their full potential

(Promote the General Welfare and advancement of the African communities in the following areas):

  • Facilitate economic and business development
  • Education, employment, health, culture, youth development and family
  • Help and support the settlement of African people arriving in New Zealand.


To collaborate with stakeholders for the development of New Zealand society.

(Promote Social, cultural, commercial, educational and other mutually beneficial exchanges between New Zealanders and Africans and other ethnicities)

  • Establish a business forum
  • Working with governmental departments – Co-operate with central and local government, agencies and voluntary organisations in the promotion of their objectives that will be beneficial to African communities
    • Promote Africa – New Zealand trade development
    • Social cultural contribution/infusion
    • Monitor and respond to items about Africa and Africans in the New Zealand Media


Our Values

  • Respect for self, colleagues and communities
  • Acknowledge diversity and embrace team work
  • Integrity and impartiality
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Information and knowledge sharing

Click here to read our constitution 

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