Can’t Get Enough

Africa Day 2018 was filled with not only enthusiasm from our performers and vendors across the African continent, it was also filled with familiar and new faces that has brought warmth on a windy day. Despite the drizzle carried by moody clouds now and then, people who came did not fail to put on their dancing shoes and move their bodies to the beat of African drums and music.

We have to thank those who have made extended efforts in putting together such a wonderful event that united the African community as well as promoted the integration of Africans into the local community.


As well as those who have contributed to the promotion of African cultures through their performances, food and merchandise. And, without our volunteers, we would not know how we could set up and pack up the venue in no time.

Everyone of all ages enjoyed themselves and we had an emerging dancing queen at the age of 5 who have battled the dance performers till she won our hearts and some great prizes! Not to mention our young teenagers who are doing their best to develop their talents and show the community how great we can be as individuals as well.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The best part of the day? Of course it was the group dancing in the end of the performances that lasted for hours till sundown! No one wanted to go home and the DJ kept our bodies moving till the last gazebo was taken down. Think you have missed out the best part of the event? Come again next year and stay tuned for our next African event!

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Lastly, we could like to thank the following sponsors for making this event possible!

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