Our Team

Evelyn Park   |   President

Evelyn P

Evelyn is a trusted leader and community advocate.

Her skills in communication, networking and nurturing talent have been developed through her successful entrepreneurial endeavours in the wellbeing and beauty industries and her career in real estate.

Coming from Zambia to Aotearoa in 1994, Evelyn completed her undergraduate studies in hospitality at Auckland University of Technology. She has made an impact in New Zealand society as a business leader, creating job opportunities and helping to grow our economy.

She is an active member of several communities and is excited to lead ACOFI. Her aim is to build strong relationships with the ACOFI executive, African community leaders, ethnic group leaders, government agencies and businesses to find sustainable ways of uplifting our community.

Evelyn hopes that ACOFI becomes accessible to African organisations in New Zealand, implements future-focused practices and technology, and authentically celebrates

Noah Ghebremichal   |   Vice President

Noah GNoah is a social innovator and thought leader.

A strategist, problem solver and creative thinker, Noah believes in weaving purpose, knowledge, and action to create positive impact.

In his professional work as a consultant in the tertiary, non-profit, public and corporate sectors, he is focused on developing an ecosystem of kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and authentic partnership to create a more equitable, entrepreneurial, and sustainable society.

As a proud Afro-Kiwi from an Eritrean origin, Noah has resided in New Zealand for over a decade and a half. Since migrating to NZ, he has completed a Bachelor of Business Information Systems and Management, and a Master of Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology Innovation.

Noah believes that ACOFI has a vital role to play in informing public policy and enabling an environment where Afro-Kiwis could thrive.

Rahana Mohammed  |  Secretary General

RahanaRahana is a talent strategies and ethical leader.

She is a Senior HR Professional with almost two decades of experience in impacting positive organisational performance by delivering a solid HR brand.

Her qualification in Industrial Psychology has guided her to specialise in Employee and Industrial Relations. She shares a strong passion for harnessing talent through development strategies.

As a proudly African citizen from South Africa, she enjoys the multiculturalism Aotearoa offers. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and the upliftment of fellow Africans in communities, including the workplace

She aspires to enable a reputable vehicle that steers positive outcomes for the wider African communities through ACOFI.

Princess Mudekunye  |  Public Relations Officer

Princess-removebg-previewPrincess is a community catalyst and an adaptive leader

She is dedicated to serving the African community by advocating, participating, and promoting the interests of Africans in New Zealand.

She has over a decade of progressive leadership experience and community engagement expertise. Her experiences serving the Zimbabwean Association as Secretary General and Chairperson have given deep insights into grassroots leadership and governance experiences. She is also very active in church operations and public relations roles.

She is a health professional, and Various private and public organisations seek her expertise in healthcare, leadership, management, and organisational development.

She is confident that ACOFI will continue to evolve and nurture African community organisations in New Zealand.

Fatima Bashir   |  Women Affairs Officer

Fatima BFatima is a community advocate and thought leader. 

Her strategic thinking and organisational skills have been cultivated through a successful career as an environmental engineer and her community involvement serving the needs of the Sudanese community in New Zealand.

Living in Aotearoa for nearly twenty years, Fatima was born in Sudan and raised in the United Arab Emirates. Though she has spent most of her life out of Africa, she still has a strong connection to her roots and African culture.

She hopes that ACOFI will become an umbrella organisation that unites all African organisations in Aotearoa and makes a positive impact in our community and wider New Zealand society.

Nelly Kalizinje  |  Youth Affairs Officer

NellyNelly is a compassionate individual and an avid learner.

As a proud Zambian Kiwi, she appreciates cultural identity dynamics and empathises with our youth’s complexities. 

Her interest in health and wellbeing led to a psychology career, exposing her to wide-ranging experiences of different community groups. Her leadership capacity, strategic skills and systems thinking allow her to develop systems that lead to better health and wellbeing outcomes for the health sector.

She hopes ACOFI will courageously and successfully partner with the youth to embolden them to live a bright future in Aotearoa NZ.

Dr Fred Musika   |   Elected Officer

Dr Fred MDr Fred is a critical thinker and global citizen.

A skilled researcher and analytical minded individual, he has made a significant contribution to tertiary education and wider New Zealand society as a business academic and thought leader.

Born and bred in Tanzania, his journey in Aotearoa began in 2010 as a PhD candidate at Massey University. He considers himself fortunate to have embraced Kiwi culture without having to sacrifice his African roots. Fred’s research and teaching focus on managerially relevant problems in business, soft skills and workplace dynamics. His work has been published in several renowned journals and he has been a finalist for ANZMAC Doctoral Best Researcher and best paper award as well as a few research scholarships (Germany, USA, South Africa, India, New Zealand, and The Netherlands) for Outstanding Research.

He hopes that ACOFI will have a strong voice on African issues and advocate for the upliftment of the diaspora in Aotearoa.

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